Improve your mind-body balance for a better health and a complete relaxation

Get a better mind-body balance, eliminate pain due to muscle tension, improve posture and sleep quality.
The facts of life, work, and sport often lead to a condition of postural and emotional disarmament. We deserve to find a psycho-physical condition that allows us to be really ourselves: my treatments are a valuable help to get well-being and a better quality of life at all levels.

Fabio Ronci

Professional Shiatsu Therapist (FISIeO Therapist Register n° 1563)
Thai Massage Therapist and Teacher (ITM - northern style)
Dorn Method Advanced Therapist

Fabio Ronci - Shiatasu & Thai Massage a Cattolica

Professional approach

I guarantee a professional approach to the needs of my clients, always the core of my work.

Ability to understand person's problems

Listening to and understanding the needs of the person is the key to the effectiveness of my treatments.

Technical competence

I guarantee technical competence and ability in my work thanks to continuing education.

Long-lasting work experience

Years of experience and thousands of treatments performed allow me to find the best approach for each person.


Health is the most precious good we have, a complete and harmonious union of soul, mind and body...
It is not an ideal difficult to get, but something you can reach today.


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Treatment is chosen on the basis of the person's characteristics and problems.
Each session can be performed on massage table or on the ground on a futon.



Japanese form of bodywork that gives wellbeing through pressure with fingers and palms of the hands on precise points of the body. Effective and powerful, it allows to understand person's imbalances in structural and energetic terms and to effectively treat symptoms that she or he presents.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Traditional massage of northern Thailand (city of Chiang Mai). The rhythm and fluidity of the techniques are characteristic of this style of bodywork and allow the person to reach a dimension of total relaxation and calm. From the feet to the head, the person is freed from tension and can finally enjoy a pleasant relief.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Metodo Dorn

Dorn Method

Non-manipulative and non-invasive vertebral and articular realignment. It consists in gentle pressures on muscles around the vertebrae while the person makes simple movements. It also uses specific maneuvers on the joints and simple self-help exercises that are prescribed to the recipient.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Photo Gallery

Some images of my treatments at the Studio in Cattolica (Rimini, Adriatic Coast - Italy).
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Demonstration videos of Shiatsu and Thai Massage


Thai Massage

Improves posture by eliminating pain


Careful structural/energetic evaluation and subsequent customized "tailor-made" treatment can help alleviate the most common pain symptoms and achieve a better psychophysical balance. Alignment of the spine and posture also improve.

Trattamenti su misura

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About me

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In the heart of Cattolica (old town), via Pascoli, 100

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To book a treatment you can call me or send a text message to the phone number below. You can also send me an email.


Via Pascoli, 100 - 47841 Cattolica RN
Emilia Romagna - Italy

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